Western culture has made us believe in the misconception that time is money. The Law of Time tells us that Time is Art. Our ancestrals were connected with Time in harmony with this understanding. But it was the Mayans who best understood the planet's natural cycles in connection with the cycles of the cosmos. In each solar ring, a complete rotation around the sun, there are also 13 lunar cycles of 28 days. 13 perfect cycles of the moon rotating around the Earth that add up to 364 days. The extra day of this count then comes to transform the next cycle (13x28 = 364 + 1) and is known as The Day Out of Time.

It is also the day that Torus was founded in 2017 in Brazil – to know more, follow also: @toruslabdotempo, in Portugues – and our first project with an international partner started around the same moment in 2019, officializing our Time Lab in Amsterdam (@torustimelab). In celebration of the Day Out of Time, our open session will be facilitated live by our founder Gustavo Nogueira (@gustnogm) with an introductory class and learnings on the topic to feed the curiosity of our minds and also meditative practices to connect with our hearts. The lessons and practices of the session are not limited to any specific culture or religion, you just need to be open to rethink your connection with Time.