Connection with what is emerging in time: our ongoing program of time studies, Sandglass is Torus’ study group on subjects that translate the spirit of our times and it is also our affective social infrastructure.

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Throughout weekly meetings, TORUS invites specialists around the globe to share knowledge about their vision of the surrounding perspective for about an hour with interaction and connection with what each one does and how we can broaden our knowledge, generating an amalgam of data, references, and territories of speech. As the sand grains of our hourglass run, we strengthen our networking, narrow relationships, and experience, in a safe space of construction and exchange.

Safe spaces to exchange and learn together

Our goal is to foster a lab for complex and human reflection on the new perspectives for the future. We use questions as tools to make our collaborators and partners challenge their view of reality, as well as ours. Skepticism, speculatism, methodic doubt, argumentation and presentation of arguments for criticism by others are some of the possible ways to use these tools.